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WD Red NAS Hard Drive 4TB

After 2.5 years of usage, my old backup drive (Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB) failed. Drive usage was minimal, but it was on 24/7. New disk decided to be NAS specialized 4.0 TB. Since I believe, it will be backup for this and next generation of home storage. I hope it will serve more than 2.5 year. So this time disk is WD Red NAS Hard Drive 4.0 TB WD40EFRX.

Before start using it as eSATA backup did some speed tests using USB 3.0 connection to Windows 7 PC.

CrystalDiskMark 3
WD40ERFX CrystalDiskMark 3

CrystalDiskMark 5
WD40ERFX CrystalDiskMark 5

HD Tune 5.60
WD40EFRX HD Tune 5.60

NAS Synology

ipkg on Synology NAS.

Just to keep the note for myself:

1. Read WIKI. For DS213+ (e500, e500v2)

sh syno-e500-bootstrap_1.2-7_powerpc.xsh

2. add /opt to path

vi .profile

3. Logout and Login again to apply PATHs.
4. update ipkg and install some tools

ipkg-opt update
ipkg-opt install mc
ipkg install mlocate


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SynologyDSM 4.2 released. issues and workarounds.

As usual ipkg (and software like Midnight Commander) will stop work after firmware update. Solution as usual:

vi /root/.profile
ln -s /volume1/@optware /opt
. /root/.profile


# add /opt/bin and /opt/sbin to PATH
export PATH
# comment out old TERM
#export TERM
# add new for Midnight Commander
export TERMINFO=/opt/share/terminfo
export TERM=xterm
alias mc="mc -c"

Synology as a web server for mini

To test wireless speed that will show results that is not depend on your Internet Service Provider Speedtest mini could be used.

1. Download (95 MB)
2. Install it on your local web server (Synology in my case).

See the results:




Synology DS-209+ vs DS-213+

Important update to post:
Text below is first look on Synology DS213+. Those first result is actually incorrect. Low Read/Write speed in tables below (70/50 MB/s max. with idle CPU and DISK) instead of 110/80 MB/s caused by low quality wired gigabit LAN. In case of perfect gigabit LAN speed much better. Will not remove the post just to note this test issue.

RAID1 Synology_DS-209p_small Synology_DS-213p_small
Read MB/s 48.1 54.7
CPU Load read 100% 50%
Write MB/s 18.2 51.2
CPU Load write 100% 80%
CPU Freescale PowerQUICC MPC8533EPB (1x800MHz) Freescale QorlQ P1022 (2x1067MHz)
MEM 64-bit DDR3 512MB 64-bit DDR3 512MB
ports eSATA, USB2.0 eSATA, USB3.0*, SD
other small big fan, hotplug

Some thing that makes upgrade not perfect is external USB 3.0 disk disconnects somewhere in the middle of file copy. eSATA work perfect.