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Top Speed UHS-I U3 microSD 32 GB

Best microSD cards, that may be found today at stores is UHS-I with sequental read/write speed about 80-90 MB/s. To achive this read/write speed cardreaders must support at least UHS-I standard and be connected using fast interface like USB 3.0 or better. Use of old readers will reduce speed to about 20 MB/s. Use of USB 2.0 with UHS-I reader gives about 40 MB/s

microSDHC_SanDisk_32GB microSDHC_Transcend_32GB microSDHC_Kingston_32GB
Price 24.04.2016 37.29$ 22.64$ 18.03$
Sequential (QD=Q32) (MB/s) R 96.20 MB/s
W: 88.60 MB/s
R: 94.02 MB/s
W: 85.66 MB/s
R: 92.27 MB/s
W: 81.81 MB/s
Random  4KB (QD=32) (MB/s) R 8.63 MB/s
W: 3.22 MB/s
R:  10.19 MB/s
W: 1.69 MB/s
R:  11.76 MB/s
W: 1.47 MB/s
Sequental (MB/s) R: 97.31 MB/s
W: 88.49 MB/s
R:  94.81 MB/s
W: 87.46 MB/s
R:  91.23 MB/s
W: 86.20 MB/s
Random 4KB (MB/s) R: 8.63 MB/s
W: 3.27 MB/s
R:  9.98 MB/s
W: 1.45 MB/s
R:  10.37 MB/s
W: 1.44 MB/s


SDSDQXP-032G-G46A Sandisk Extreme PRO MicroSDHC (633x) UHS-I U3

TS32GUSDU3 Transcend ULTIMATE microSDHC 32GB (633x) UHS-I U3

SDCA3/32GB Kingston MicroSDHC 32GB UHS-I U3


Transcend TS-RDF9


CrystalDiskMark 5.1.2 x64

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