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Qingping CGS1

Qingping Air Detector (AKA ClearGrass Air Detector) is one of the best portable devices reviewed yet.

Impressive tech specs and design. Can be used both: as portable and not portable. And in a mixed way too. Good sensors for tvoc, t/rh, co2. High-resolution touch screen, Wi-Fi (that remember all Wi-Fi you were connected to), ambient light sensors, android and ios mobile app. And all that for a bit more than 100$ (incl. Delivery). For this price tag, it is a kind of flawless device. So the minor issues are not critical at all. Like it might have a different CO2 sensor (SenseAir S8 instead of Sensirion SDC30 for example) inside. But since S8 is not bad. It is still ok.


  • 1800 mAh battery (~4 hours of battery life)
  • Compact (9x9x7cm, 218g)
  • Calibration (tvoc, CO2) may be done manually
  • Correct t/RH and CO2 measurements
  • High resolution display with good viewangles
  • Touchscreen and good UI usablility
  • Keep multiple Wi-Fi AP settings
  • Weather and time sync from Internet
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Good thermal design and active airflow
  • Mobile App and 3-rd party app support
  • Wireless (OTA) update w/o app needed


  • CO2 high level is starting 2000ppm.
  • Disassemble is not trivial.
  • There might be other sensors inside.
  • No alarm clock (but should it be there?)

Device inside:

Device App:

Device Thermal:

Manufacturer link:

AliExpress price ~110$

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