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Router on Intel N200

Topton TP-X86-P5(N200) is yet another pfSence ce router from Aliexpress. This time 2×2.5Gbit/s ethernet ports (Intel i226-V) and Intel N200 CPU. With 16GB DDR5 RAM and 256GB nvme. That is kind of a lot for router needs, but just for test purposes.

It is smaller than the N100 4×2.5Gbit/s ports version. It is also fanless.

Inside there is less space

CW-X86-P5-N200 suggest it same hardware as the CWWK P5 Mini router 12th gen and CWWK X5 P5 Development Board

It is also single-channel RAM DDR5. Could be upgraded to 32GB DDR5. and nvme. this time it is Gudga PC210-256 2242 with an extender made on YMTC flash.

CPU side and case as the heatsink

Using an external fan decreases case temperature, but mostly does not affect test results. I assume that power limits not temperature itself is what define device performance.

Aliexpress: ~285$

OpenVPN speed example

Some benchmarks could be found there. In general performance in general slightly higher than N100. Noticible in graphics. and not that much in multi-core CPU sinthetics. VPN speed is also slightly higher on N200.

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