WITRN U2 USB Power meter

WEB-U2 or WITRN U2 is one of those advanced power meters with a big screen.

  • Both type-A and Type-C input/output.
  • Multiple display modes.
  • An external temperature sensor support.
  • The device has an auto screen rotation.
  • Fast charge protocols detection.
  • PC Software

The software is very simple and features limited. Not many tools to work with data. But it have advantage over similar software from other meters – lang file. You can actually translate it to your language.

site: http://witrn.com/ should provide software updates, but now only the old version available there. And firmware link is broken

Price: ~40$ (AliExpress)

Some files found from alternative sources:
PC Application: WEB-U2-Application_4.1.zip (Virustotal check for exe and zip files)
Firmware: WEB-U2_firmware_5.6.zip

Other reviews (with more details) for U2:

Russian reviews:

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  1. I tried to update my firmware on the WITRN-C3 assuming it would work since it’s like the U3. Now i can no longer use it. I can only start in DFU but i can’t find the firmware for the C3 anywhere

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