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Apple iPhone certified for use in Ukraine

Some resarch in ukrainian legislation shows next Apple devices allowed to use in Ukraine:

Apple iPhone 3G (A1241)
Apple iPhone 3GS (A1303)
Apple iPhone 4 (A1332)
Apple iPhone 4S (A1387)

Apple iPad 2 wi-fi (A1395)
Apple iPad 3 wi-fi (A1416)
Apple iPad 2 wi-fi,3G (A1396)
Apple iPad 3 wi-fi,3G (A1430)

Apple Airport Express (A12**, A13**)
Apple Airport Extreme (A12**, A13**)
Apple Airport Extreme (A14**)
Apple Airport time Capsulе (A12**, A13**)
Apple Airport time Capsulе (A14**)

Apple iPod Touch (A1213)
Apple iPod Touch (A1288)
Apple iPod Touch (A12**, A13**)

..also computer, notebooks keyboards and mouses.
Information from registry version 04.10.2012. See full list:

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