Parkcity ELM-327WF + DashCommand (iPad)

I have discovered Onboard Diagnostic (ODBII) scanners as a new device class. It is tool for those who interested in some insight on usually hidden car parameters. Modern car have standard controller area network (CAN) and standard diagnostic interface (OBD), that allow to collect and analyze some car internal data with universal devices.


My set up was devices: Apple iPad Air + Parkcity ELM-327WF (~80$) and application DashCommand (10$). ELM-327WF using Wi-Fi to connect tablet or smartphone. There is also cheaper Bluetooth version OF ELM-327 exist, but it not work with Apple devices (due to Bluetooth limitation in iOS).


See application screenshots below:
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Netatmo Urban Weather Station

Urban Weather Station is unique product. In addition to usual weather parameters like temperature, humidity and pressure it also measures CO2 and noise level (indoor only). Outdoor air quality as well as weather forecast is showing from some internet weather sources and not based on measures done by the product. Actually everything that your iPhone, iPad or Android device show is downloaded from netatmo servers. You cannot access your weather station directly without internet connection. So setup of the station is actually simple and it is just create netatmo account and connect the station to Internet using Wi-Fi. Numbers, trends, forecast could be than obtain with app for iOS or Android from anywhere. Also web interface available, so PC and Mac are also could be clients for the weather station.

netatmo Urban Weather Station with iPad
netatmo Urban Weather Station with iPad

Netatmo stations have known bug with humidity measures. It show numbers 15-20% more than it actually should. But this could be fixes by

The station contain CO2 sensor, which consume a lot of energy. That is why it cannot operate with batteries power and need to be connected to AC adaptor all the time.
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Apple iPhone certified for use in Ukraine

Some resarch in ukrainian legislation shows next Apple devices allowed to use in Ukraine:

Apple iPhone 3G (A1241)
Apple iPhone 3GS (A1303)
Apple iPhone 4 (A1332)
Apple iPhone 4S (A1387)

Apple iPad 2 wi-fi (A1395)
Apple iPad 3 wi-fi (A1416)
Apple iPad 2 wi-fi,3G (A1396)
Apple iPad 3 wi-fi,3G (A1430)

Apple Airport Express (A12**, A13**)
Apple Airport Extreme (A12**, A13**)
Apple Airport Extreme (A14**)
Apple Airport time Capsulе (A12**, A13**)
Apple Airport time Capsulе (A14**)

Apple iPod Touch (A1213)
Apple iPod Touch (A1288)
Apple iPod Touch (A12**, A13**)

..also computer, notebooks keyboards and mouses.
Information from registry version 04.10.2012. See full list:

Wi-Fi certificate of The New iPad

Wi-Fi certificate of IPad 3 is exactly the same as for iPad 2

iPad 802.11n draft 2 2.4 GHz (antenna 1:1) Certificate
iPad 2 802.11n 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz (antenna 1:1/1:1) Certificate
iPad 3 802.11n 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz (antenna 1:1/1:1) Certificate

Some other devices:

Mac mini 2011 802.11n 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz (antenna 3:3/3:3) Certificate
Mac Book Air 2011 13″ 802.11n 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz (antenna 2:2/2:2) Certificate

Lenovo X201s (Intel WiFi Link 1000 BGN) 802.11n 2.4 GHz (antenna 2:1) Certificate

iPhone 4S 802.11n 2.4 GHz (antenna 1:1) Certificate

other devices

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The new iPad

New iPad has great high resolution display. Some applications is already use it, but some still not updated and render in low resolution. New iPad has 1GB RAM and A5X processor. iPad 2 has A5 and 512MB RAM. CPU speed actually not changed. Only graphics is faster. Device heating up a little and weight noticeable more (+60 g). More time to charge needed.

Some test speed results could be found on

CPU benchmark:

135 iPhone
135 iPhone 3G
285 iPhone 3GS
390 iPhone 4
625 iPhone 4S

460 iPad
750 iPad 2
750 iPad 3

1000 = Mac G5 (2003)

GPU (Trigonometric test: balanced)

1.5 fps iPhone 3GS
1.4 fps iPhone 4
4.7 fps iPhone 4S

1.3 fps iPad
5.5 fps iPad 2
9.9 fps iPad 3 (1024×768)
2.2 fps iPad 3 (2048×1576)

Except 5MP rear camera, only real improvement is retina display, GPU, memory and battery is simply adjusted to the new screen requirements.

For USA it also LTE/4G