Custom firmware for iReg-7570SHD

Custom firmware that makes possible to import videos from iReg-7570SHD (Ambarella a7la70 , OmniVision OV4689) to iPad using Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader Be sure you understand the risk to brick you device and loose the warranty before proceed with that. See WIKI before continue. Always make firmware backup before flash new. hd121_70_abstract4_nologo_cbr_std_iconsfix_ipad_compatible

Parkcity ELM-327WF + DashCommand (iPad)

I have discovered Onboard Diagnostic (ODBII) scanners as a new device class. It is tool for those who interested in some insight on usually hidden car parameters. Modern car have standard controller area network (CAN) and standard diagnostic interface (OBD), that allow to collect and analyze some car internal data with universal devices. My set […]

Netatmo Urban Weather Station

Urban Weather Station is unique product. In addition to usual weather parameters like temperature, humidity and pressure it also measures CO2 and noise level (indoor only). Outdoor air quality as well as weather forecast is showing from some internet weather sources and not based on measures done by the product. Actually everything that your iPhone, […]

Apple iPhone certified for use in Ukraine

Some resarch in ukrainian legislation shows next Apple devices allowed to use in Ukraine: Apple iPhone 3G (A1241) Apple iPhone 3GS (A1303) Apple iPhone 4 (A1332) Apple iPhone 4S (A1387) Apple iPad 2 wi-fi (A1395) Apple iPad 3 wi-fi (A1416) Apple iPad 2 wi-fi,3G (A1396) Apple iPad 3 wi-fi,3G (A1430) Apple Airport Express (A12**, A13**) […]