Nous NF9

Nous NF9.

Nous NF9

Yet another Ambarella A7la50 with Omnivision OV4689 and GPS. Device record in .MOV (H.263/AAC) files that contains GPS track inside.
There is a lot of good things about the device:

  • It record SHD.
  • Have large LCD with relatively good view angles.
  • Good holder with build-in connector that make it easy to install and remove device using one hand.
  • GPS on suction cap.
  • Support SDXC cards.
  • Able to record time-lapse.
  • Internal memory available (can store 1 min of S.Fine SHD video file).
  • Video stamp allow customizations

And some not that good

  • CarDV player not good
  • IR LEDs gives no light to image
  • Poor Sound record quality
  • 130 mAh battery
  • Not compatible with iPad (SD card reader import)
  • UI not perfect (both menu structure and functions assigned to keys)
Devices DVR ipad

Custom firmware for iReg-7570SHD

Custom firmware that makes possible to import videos from iReg-7570SHD (Ambarella a7la70 , OmniVision OV4689) to iPad using Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader

Lightning Camera SD cardreader


Be sure you understand the risk to brick you device and loose the warranty before proceed with that. See WIKI before continue. Always make firmware backup before flash new.