NextBase 612GW

First 4K/GPS/WiFi Dashcam on market.

NextBase 612GW

Metal body looks good. The device is relatively heavy. Weights distribution and center of mass are not perfect and it sometimes affects image quality (right side vibration). Compatibility with 412GW GPS connector (make upgrade easy and fast). A touchscreen is much better than sensor buttons on 412GW. A physical power button is also good. What is absolutely wrong about this dashcam is Wi-Fi speed. View of any HD video impossible. Copy 1 minute of 4K video (340MB) is taking so much time (more than 10 minutes) that my 3 attempts to do that failed for different reasons. Wi-Fi is only usable for a preview of Low-Resolution files (if enabled).  Power consumption is high, but accumulator capacity and charging speed is not.

Update 2018-11-26, after 10 months of use: Too much hangs. Need to push Reset button at least once a week. Dashcam does not allow to go into the menu without the need to first stop recording.

Update 2022-01-25, Dashcam is dead. Last year or so it may not always start properly. Need a lot of reset. A bit better on summer. At the winter probability that you will got it started with ignition is about 30%. I assume that is related to poor power circuit and small battery capacity.


  • 4K or 1440/60p
  • daylight video quality
  • touchscreen
  • GPS
  • removable CPL filter
  • timelapse and parking mode
  • speedometer screensaver


  • expensive
  • charging is slow (2h, 5v 0.15A)
  • small battery capacity (for this consumption)
  • Wi-Fi is slow
  • video quality at night
  • “NextBase” logo on footage

Technical details:

  • Accumulator 3.7v 280 mAh 1.04Wh
  • SoC (CPU): Ambarella A12S75
  • RAM:  512 MB DDR3L 1866
  • ROM: 256 MB NAND Flash

NextBase iN-Car Cam 412GW

Dashcam from UK on Novatek NT966xx chipset with 1440p recording.

I like

  1. connector that easy to mount/unmount using one hand
  2. suction cap and adhesive types of the mount
  3. resolution and image quality both day and night is OK
  4. video stamp (one line, speed without leading zero, removable logo)
  5. time sync from GPS
  6. up to 30 minutes video recording without external power
  7. Wi-Fi and iPhone app to copy videos
  8. firmware updates exists
  9. small 12-24v to 5v 1.5A power adaptor

I do not like

  1. Wi-Fi cannot operate during dashcam recording
  2. Wi-Fi too slow to play 1440p video from dashcam
  3. not adjustable video frame rates and bitrates
  4. buttons
  5. size
  6. screen quality
  7. icons quality


  1. absence of SpeedCams, Line Departure, Front Collision
  2. only English in Languages.
  3. Parking Mode exist.
  4. 140 degree view angle

Nous NF9

Nous NF9.

Nous NF9

Yet another Ambarella A7la50 with Omnivision OV4689 and GPS. Device record in .MOV (H.263/AAC) files that contains GPS track inside.
There is a lot of good things about the device:

  • It record SHD.
  • Have large LCD with relatively good view angles.
  • Good holder with build-in connector that make it easy to install and remove device using one hand.
  • GPS on suction cap.
  • Support SDXC cards.
  • Able to record time-lapse.
  • Internal memory available (can store 1 min of S.Fine SHD video file).
  • Video stamp allow customizations

And some not that good

  • CarDV player not good
  • IR LEDs gives no light to image
  • Poor Sound record quality
  • 130 mAh battery
  • Not compatible with iPad (SD card reader import)
  • UI not perfect (both menu structure and functions assigned to keys)

CarDV Player 2.2

Standart player for NOUS NF9 (SAMOON B03F) is kind of minimalistic one. Firmware contain some older version with internal numbers 5.5.0. CD shiped with DVR contain newer v2.2 with internal numbers 5.7.1. Both are looks more or less same.

CarDV Player

And contain same bugs with google maps integrations. That makes work with this application painful.


Did search but unable to find site of software authors.

Devices DVR Soft

Registrator Viewer 6.0

Registrator Viewer (DATAKAM Player) is the best player for dashcam video files. It known to be used in some DVR’s firmware. Usually When format SD card using DVR menu RegistratorViewerX.X.exe appear in SD root folder. In case of firmware not contain the player it still may be downloaded and used for most devices.

Registrator Viewer 6

Currently URL reported by some browsers as insecure, but check with VirusTotal says it is ok. Other URL to DATAKAM Player Download page is

Devices DVR ipad

Custom firmware for iReg-7570SHD

Custom firmware that makes possible to import videos from iReg-7570SHD (Ambarella a7la70 , OmniVision OV4689) to iPad using Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader

Lightning Camera SD cardreader


Be sure you understand the risk to brick you device and loose the warranty before proceed with that. See WIKI before continue. Always make firmware backup before flash new.



Prology iReg-7570SHD

Compact DVR with Ambarella A7LA70 and Omnivision OV4689. Have small LCD with plastic cover and tiny accumulator. Also have external GPS in the middle of the power cable. GPS and DVR holder compatible to Koonlung C-series DVR. Some special “soft touch” plastic that looks like leather on device’s front. Loud speaker. SDXC support. Work with exfat 128 GB cards. It is hard to release DVR from holder even using 2 hands. Device is not compatible with iPad and Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader because of long filenames (maybe fixed by firmware customization, see end of the post).


Video quality is OK as for the 200$ price.


Koonlung C75

Koonlung C75 is relatively cheap and small DVR with Super HD video, GPS and SDXC support.


Manufacturer says that device support up to 32 GB MicroSD. But SDXC 128 GB card is actually work fine. SDXC support is feature of Ambarella A7LA chipsets. GPS module is external. Module build in USB power cable. LCD is small, glance and cheap.

Key features:

Ambarella A7LA50 with OmniVision OV4689 sensor
Super HD video (2304×1296@30p, 2560×1080@30p, 1920×1080@45p, 1280×720@60p)
External GPS
SDXC support


Incar VR-950

One of the best video quality DVR available at the moment. With Omni Vision 2560×1080 video image sensor (CMOS 1/3″ Omni Vision OV4689, Ambarella A7LA70, 2″ TFT LCD, LiIon 500 mAh, 1080/60p, USB 2.0, HDMI).

Price ~150$

Official Site:

Video Quality
Suuny Day

Devices DVR

Car DVR: ParkCity DVR HD 710 vs GoPro HERO3 White

Just a quick comparition of Action cam vs digital video recorder.


ParkCity DVR HD710 GoPro HERO3 White
ParkCity_HD710 GoPro_HERO3_back
Price 200$ 290$ (+50/100$)
Resolution 1080p@25fps 1080p@25fps
Accumulator 470 mAh 1050 mAh
Wi-Fi +

Both can rewrite video (delete old files automatically). Both wide angle. ParkCity controls with LCD are much usable in car, but GoPro may be controled from iPhone (including video preview, start recordsing, change settings) using Wi-Fi. GoPro has better accumulator. Without external power HERO able to record video for about an hour, ParkCity only half an hour. Both have miniUSB power input. To be able to use it on GoPro “The Frame” or “Skeleton” cases must be bought also. It is additional 50$. Suction cup (instad of Adhesive Mounts) is also additional 50$. GPS on ParkCity make it possible to make tracks and also print speed to video.

In short the only reason to use GoPro HERO3 as a car DVR is you already have it. Or if you need action camera. In all other cases special DVR devices are better and cheaper.

Video quality below