Nous NF9

Nous NF9. Yet another Ambarella A7la50 with Omnivision OV4689 and GPS. Device record in .MOV (H.263/AAC) files that contains GPS track inside. There is a lot of good things about the device: It record SHD. Have large LCD with relatively good view angles. Good holder with build-in connector that make it easy to install and […]

CarDV Player 2.2

Standart player for NOUS NF9 (SAMOON B03F) is kind of minimalistic one. Firmware contain some older version with internal numbers 5.5.0. CD shiped with DVR contain newer v2.2 with internal numbers 5.7.1. Both are looks more or less same. And contain same bugs with google maps integrations. That makes work with this application painful. Did […]

Custom firmware for iReg-7570SHD

Custom firmware that makes possible to import videos from iReg-7570SHD (Ambarella a7la70 , OmniVision OV4689) to iPad using Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader Be sure you understand the risk to brick you device and loose the warranty before proceed with that. See WIKI before continue. Always make firmware backup before flash new. hd121_70_abstract4_nologo_cbr_std_iconsfix_ipad_compatible

Koonlung C75

Koonlung C75 is relatively cheap and small DVR with Super HD video, GPS and SDXC support. Manufacturer says that device support up to 32 GB MicroSD. But SDXC 128 GB card is actually work fine. SDXC support is feature of Ambarella A7LA chipsets. GPS module is external. Module build in USB power cable. LCD is […]

Incar VR-950

One of the best video quality DVR available at the moment. With Omni Vision 2560×1080 video image sensor (CMOS 1/3″ Omni Vision OV4689, Ambarella A7LA70, 2″ TFT LCD, LiIon 500 mAh, 1080/60p, USB 2.0, HDMI). Price ~150$ Official Site: Video Quality Suuny Day Sunset Night

Car DVR: ParkCity DVR HD 710 vs GoPro HERO3 White

Just a quick comparition of Action cam vs digital video recorder. Summary: ParkCity DVR HD710 GoPro HERO3 White Price 200$ 290$ (+50/100$) Resolution 1080p@25fps 1080p@25fps Accumulator 470 mAh 1050 mAh GPS + – LCD + – Wi-Fi – + Both can rewrite video (delete old files automatically). Both wide angle. ParkCity controls with LCD are much […]