Koonlung C75

Koonlung C75 is relatively cheap and small DVR with Super HD video, GPS and SDXC support.


Manufacturer says that device support up to 32 GB MicroSD. But SDXC 128 GB card is actually work fine. SDXC support is feature of Ambarella A7LA chipsets. GPS module is external. Module build in USB power cable. LCD is small, glance and cheap.

Key features:

Ambarella A7LA50 with OmniVision OV4689 sensor
Super HD video (2304×1296@30p, 2560×1080@30p, 1920×1080@45p, 1280×720@60p)
External GPS
SDXC support


In compare to Incar VR-950:
– have less powerfull SoC and less features
– 1920×1080@60p not supported
– little bit more expensive
+ have external GPS

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