Prology iReg-7570SHD

Compact DVR with Ambarella A7LA70 and Omnivision OV4689. Have small LCD with plastic cover and tiny accumulator. Also have external GPS in the middle of the power cable. GPS and DVR holder compatible to Koonlung C-series DVR. Some special “soft touch” plastic that looks like leather on device’s front. Loud speaker. SDXC support. Work with exfat 128 GB cards. It is hard to release DVR from holder even using 2 hands. Device is not compatible with iPad and Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader because of long filenames (maybe fixed by firmware customization, see end of the post).


Video quality is OK as for the 200$ price.


Koonlung C75

Koonlung C75 is relatively cheap and small DVR with Super HD video, GPS and SDXC support.


Manufacturer says that device support up to 32 GB MicroSD. But SDXC 128 GB card is actually work fine. SDXC support is feature of Ambarella A7LA chipsets. GPS module is external. Module build in USB power cable. LCD is small, glance and cheap.

Key features:

Ambarella A7LA50 with OmniVision OV4689 sensor
Super HD video (2304×1296@30p, 2560×1080@30p, 1920×1080@45p, 1280×720@60p)
External GPS
SDXC support

app apple Devices ipad

Parkcity ELM-327WF + DashCommand (iPad)

I have discovered Onboard Diagnostic (ODBII) scanners as a new device class. It is tool for those who interested in some insight on usually hidden car parameters. Modern car have standard controller area network (CAN) and standard diagnostic interface (OBD), that allow to collect and analyze some car internal data with universal devices.


My set up was devices: Apple iPad Air + Parkcity ELM-327WF (~80$) and application DashCommand (10$). ELM-327WF using Wi-Fi to connect tablet or smartphone. There is also cheaper Bluetooth version OF ELM-327 exist, but it not work with Apple devices (due to Bluetooth limitation in iOS).


See application screenshots below: