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Traffic on Apple iOS 11 map

Latest iOS update brings among other traffic data in Kyiv.  In addition, map is less outdated compare to how it is usual in Apple maps. Now map based on OpenStreetMaps.  Routing is far from perfect. Traffic is also not always relevant. But at least map improves.

iOS 11 Navigation with traffic

Good news is that map edits that I did during last year using OSM editor now are in new Apple map. Therefore, the way to fix Apple map mistakes exist.

Some streets names are not translated properly.

iOS 11 Navigation night mode


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It looks like I have found last available on iOS navigation software from Ukrainian developers. It is NavLux from Luxena. When it works it looks like:

But it is sometimes hard to make it work. My application purchase expirience:

  1. Not possible to try it before buy on iOS. Must pay 15$ first.
  2. Purchase Server Unavailable. Cannot activate the map.
  3. Support not answer on both in-app and site forms requests.

NavLux Premium versionNavLux purchase errorNavLux Map Not Activated

Application start work in about 3 days after purchase (I suppose Luxena have fixed the issue with its server).

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Parkcity ELM-327WF + DashCommand (iPad)

I have discovered Onboard Diagnostic (ODBII) scanners as a new device class. It is tool for those who interested in some insight on usually hidden car parameters. Modern car have standard controller area network (CAN) and standard diagnostic interface (OBD), that allow to collect and analyze some car internal data with universal devices.


My set up was devices: Apple iPad Air + Parkcity ELM-327WF (~80$) and application DashCommand (10$). ELM-327WF using Wi-Fi to connect tablet or smartphone. There is also cheaper Bluetooth version OF ELM-327 exist, but it not work with Apple devices (due to Bluetooth limitation in iOS).


See application screenshots below:

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Core Coders Ski Tracks v 1.3.7

Yet another good iOS application: Ski Tracks. Very good Ski tracking application.


All recorded tracks


Track statistics.


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Sygic Ukraine

Latest Sygic know new interchange on Patona Bridge. gives 3 route option and has 3d buildings in some parts of Kyiv. Map 3D graphics is fast enough.


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Apple iOS maps with 3-rd part (Google, Yandex, Nokia, iGO).

To check which map is actual and which not. I did some route check for new (half year old) turbine interchange on different iOS maps:

Google (right)
Yandex (image OK, route wrong)
Apple iOS maps (wrong)

See Nokia and iGO below

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Google Maps for iPhone

Google Maps on iPhone available as separate application. It much better (but slower). Vector graphics, 3D buildings, traffic, public transport in Kyiv. And, yes, Navigation mode.


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Nokia HERE for iOS

Nokia maps on iOS devices. Image quality is not very high. But still interesting product. Alternative online map application.

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iOS 6 map with navigation in Kiev

KYLV fixed.


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iOS6: Background navigation

iOS 6 new maps navigation working on background of another application (i.e. Yandex maps). With both voice and text notifications:

See also how it work on locked screen: