iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5. Camera test.

Let’s see if new iPhone 5S camera is much better.

iphone 5S back

White balance of complex scene is much better due to two colored LED flash. So there is no more unnaturally yellow backgrounds on indoor shots with flash. See example below. Right is iPhone 5S, left is iPhone 5. Also note blue shadow behind the object. Two color LED flash has disadvantages.


An a everyday shots there is not much difference found. See example below. Upper image is iPhone 5S shot. Lower image is iPhone 5 shot.


Low light shots show some noticeable difference. See below. Upper image is iPhone 5S shot. Lower image is iPhone 5 shot.


The new iPad

New iPad has great high resolution display. Some applications is already use it, but some still not updated and render in low resolution. New iPad has 1GB RAM and A5X processor. iPad 2 has A5 and 512MB RAM. CPU speed actually not changed. Only graphics is faster. Device heating up a little and weight noticeable more (+60 g). More time to charge needed.

Some test speed results could be found on


CPU benchmark:

135 iPhone
135 iPhone 3G
285 iPhone 3GS
390 iPhone 4
625 iPhone 4S

460 iPad
750 iPad 2
750 iPad 3

1000 = Mac G5 (2003)

GPU (Trigonometric test: balanced)

1.5 fps iPhone 3GS
1.4 fps iPhone 4
4.7 fps iPhone 4S

1.3 fps iPad
5.5 fps iPad 2
9.9 fps iPad 3 (1024×768)
2.2 fps iPad 3 (2048×1576)

Except 5MP rear camera, only real improvement is retina display, GPU, memory and battery is simply adjusted to the new screen requirements.

For USA it also LTE/4G