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Registrator Viewer 6.0

Registrator Viewer (DATAKAM Player) is the best player for dashcam video files. It known to be used in some DVR’s firmware. Usually When format SD card using DVR menu RegistratorViewerX.X.exe appear in SD root folder. In case of firmware not contain the player it still may be downloaded and used for most devices.

Registrator Viewer 6

Currently URL reported by some browsers as insecure, but check with VirusTotal says it is ok. Other URL to DATAKAM Player Download page is

Download from this site:
Registrator Viewer

Registrator Viewer v. unofficial (Not recommended)

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hi, i downloaded the software, but how do i register my gps module so i can track it?

Software is video player. It intend to play video recorded by Car DVRs (dashcams). To see coordinates and gps stats with video car DVR must record GPS data in Video files (or separate file near it). Just open video file using software. If it not work for you maybe your device is not supported (or your device not record GPS data).

Yes I had same problem, becuase you probably switch another map from default open street map.. Solution is follow.. Open registry /regedit command and deleted all files with name with DATAKAM Player.. After it work well again 🙂

It works with .mp4 files from a GS80 dashcam – but starts with several messages about Metadata not being allowed. Also sometimes says I should use Google Chrome as my browser for this programme – Chrome IS my default and runs everything it is capable of!! The Map looks odd, I think it is a Bing map! Speed shows in the video but not in the graphics below.

Is there any chance you will also cover footage from Android PNI Dashcams, that record files of type “.ts” and the file structure is DCIM/Camera or DCIM/LockVIdeo? Allot of them came on the market and they have the same structure as Android.

Hello Daniel,
have you or any user of your program used it with 70mail dashcams which store GPS and speed information in a .MP$ file as metadata?

Thank you!

I have a 4K dash cam from TypeS. Recordings played on Registrator are jerky and somewhat corrupted. Same MP4 recordings played via Windows Media Player are perfectly clean. What could be the problem?

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