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Windows 10 Related issue

WIKI pages about Windows 10 related issues:

Apple 100 Mbit USB network adaptor Windows driver
Run Java JNLP application in Windows 10
Itunes Error 7. Windows Error 193
Separate language for applications in Windows 10
Start Menu not work in Windows 10


CarDV Player 2.2

Standart player for NOUS NF9 (SAMOON B03F) is kind of minimalistic one. Firmware contain some older version with internal numbers 5.5.0. CD shiped with DVR contain newer v2.2 with internal numbers 5.7.1. Both are looks more or less same.

CarDV Player

And contain same bugs with google maps integrations. That makes work with this application painful.


Did search but unable to find site of software authors.

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Registrator Viewer 6.0

Registrator Viewer (DATAKAM Player) is the best player for dashcam video files. It known to be used in some DVR’s firmware. Usually When format SD card using DVR menu RegistratorViewerX.X.exe appear in SD root folder. In case of firmware not contain the player it still may be downloaded and used for most devices.

Registrator Viewer 6

Currently URL reported by some browsers as insecure, but check with VirusTotal says it is ok. Other URL to DATAKAM Player Download page is


Open Stack Cloud at home

There is a lot of options now exist about how to get virtual machine running. That including oldschool VMWare or VirtualBox VM setup.

VirtualBoxMore modern way is to use Vagrant or Docker. that is not just virtualisation, but also catalogs of OS/software that might be started in couple of clicks.


It is also not a problem now to create own small cloud with bunch of virtual machines that may run continously, be enlarged or shrinked if needed. easily stoped and destroyed and created again. Something like AWS EC2 but at home. One of such solution is DevStack on single PC. It is not as relible as as commercial public clouds (GCP or AWS), but for some personal testing purposes is good enough.

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iOS 6 map with navigation in KYLV (Kyiv, Kiev)

Some screenshots of new iOS map application. No traffic info seen on map yet. Navigation is here, but Ukrainian streets names reading is absolutely terrible. And mistake in name of Ukrainian capital (Kyiv) is something very unexpected from Apple product.

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inSSIDer 2.0 (for Windows)

Must have Free tool to investigate Wi-Fi speed issues.

Among many other things it also show chanels map for both 2.4 and 5GHz that could help you to find best Radiochannel for your wireless network.

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Radio Alarm Clock

Favorite night stand clock, radio, alarm clock in one:



WordPress update

One click update takes couple of seconds.
Обновление движка сайта в один клик за пару секунд. Мне страшно нравится.



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