NextBase 612GW

First 4K/GPS/WiFi Dashcam on market.

NextBase 612GW

Metal body looks good. Device is releatively heavy. Weights distribution and center of mass are not perfect and it sometimes affects image quality (right side vibration). Compatibility with 412GW GPS connector (make upgrade easy and fast). A touchscreen is much better than sensor buttons on 412GW. A physical power button is also good. What is absolutely wrong about this dashcam is Wi-Fi speed. View of any HD video impossible. Copy 1 minute of 4K video (340MB) is taking so much time (more than 10 minutes) that my 3 attempts to do that failed for different reasons. Wi-Fi is only usable for preview of Low-Resolution files (if enabled)


  • 4K or 1440/60p
  • daylight video quality
  • touchscreen/usability
  • GPS
  • removable CPL filter
  • timelapse and parking mode
  • speedometer screensaver


  • expensive
  • slow charging (2h, 5v 0.15A)
  • Wi-Fi is slow beyond acceptable level
  • Video quality at Night (due to CPL?)
  • not removable “NextBase” logo

Technical details:

  • Accumulator 3.7v 280 mAh 1.04Wh
  • SoC (CPU): Ambarella A12S75
  • RAM:  512 MB DDR3L 1866
  • ROM: 256 MB NAND Flash

NextBase 612GW menu

NextBase 612GW 48kmh

PC Application

NextBase Replay 3

Example video on firmware R3

Night with and without CPL filter

Night timelapse


more images:


Product page:

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