air quality

Awair 2

Updated version of one of the best air quality monitor with CO2, VOC, PM2.5 sensors

Awair 2-nd edition is a better version of Awair, that fix some known issues of first edition

Awair 2
Awair 2-nd edition

What was fixed and added

  • 24h time format
  • USB Type-C standard 5v power connector
  • USB 5v 2A standard power supply
  • Better display (resolution, no backlight)
  • Ambient light sensor (display auto brightness)
  • Microphone (not sure if it is good to have it on IoT device)
  • Better PM2.5 sensor
  • New buttons to switch the display mode
  • Better wireless connectivity (new antennas)
  • Better (active) airflow

What is inside

see wiki: Awair 2 inside

Where to buy

Amazon: Awair 2 199$ (171$)

Awair site: Awair 2 199$ (179$)

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