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AWAIR Element

A new device from one of the best manufacturer of home air quality monitors – AWAIR Element (AWAIR REV3E)

This one is less expensive, but keep best feature of AWAIR 2.

What changed in Awair Element (in compare to Awair 2)?

  • Plastic case
  • Little bit smaller
  • No microphone and no speaker (no sound)
  • No Sub-1GHz wireless
  • Integrated antennas
  • Less expensive

So I would say nothing critical was removed to achieve better price. It is still a good design, both internal and external. Same air quality sensors:

  • t/RH (Sensirion SHT30)
  • TVOC (Sensirion SGP30)
  • PM2.5 (Honeywell HPMA115S0)
  • CO2 (Telaire T6703-5K)

Automatic firmware update, fast new device setup, ambient light sensor, 24h clock mode, and other good features are still in place.

Device support some integrations like: IFTT, Amazon alexa, Google Assistance (not tested).

See what is inside Awair element.

Amazon: 149$ (~175$ with taxes custom and forwarding to Ukraine)

Awair site: 149$

One reply on “AWAIR Element”

Hi, I recognised your wiki web site especially the documentation of the uHoo sensor.
I bought one uHoo myself for testing purposes.
Usually I develop my own air quality sensor with RasPi and Python.
I have some info according the sensors uHoo uses that is not in the documentation on your wiki.
I am wondering if you could grand me access or I could send you the additional info acc. the uHoo sensor so we could exchange information.
I did not open my uHoo right now, maybe the guy who did the pictures could make one or two additional, because two spaces are not clear enough.
Please reply if you are interested.
Thanks, best regards and stay healthy

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