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HT-2000 CO2 Meter

Portable Chineese CO2 Meter from AliExpress

Yet another CO2 Meter. This model can operate from 4 AA batteries or from power supply 5v 0.5A MiniUSB. May be built on different sensors. My happened to be built on Sensair s8.

HT-2000 CO2 meter



  • Screen have backlight option
  • Portable (battery operation)
  • No date/time on screen
  • Have CR1220 inside to keep settings
  • Have adjustable CO2 alarm level


  • Need 25 seconds to start
  • Display wrong temperature
  • Size (140x100x40mm)
  • Weight ( 350g)
  • No date/time on screen
  • Battery life is about 8 hours
  • Not rechargeable


HT-2000 Inside

Price from: 75$ (incl. delivery)


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