air quality

AirVisual node

Air quality monitor with CO2 and PM2.5 sensors, large color LCD, Wi-Fi and mobile application.

Yet another air quality monitor. Measure PM2.5 and CO2. Have a rechargeable battery that allows hours of work without a power plug.  Have Wi-Fi and mobile application to access data.

What is wrong with this device – no support for Ukraine. No external Air quality data for Ukraine, cannot choose Ukraine from a country list during setup. It is also ambient light sensor missing (only manual screen brightness setup).

UPD from 2018-02: Now support Ukraine, but only two private external monitors available (in Kyiv and  Brovary)

The mobile application is OK in general.

It is also might be in use as a clock

AirVisual Node (time)

Sensors accuracy is good.

Update 2018-12:  Example of DIY outdoor AirVisual node installation case

Product page

Air quality map

Price:  ~210$

Delivery time to Ukraine: ~1 month

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