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XINTEST HT-501 CO2 Meter

Good portable CO2 meter with 2000 mAh accumulator.

Portable CO2 meter and data logger with battery and good CO2 sensor inside.

Xintest HT-501

The only really wrong thing about this device is it always show temperature higher than it is for about 2°C (for example 28.0°C instead of 26.0°C) and it is not something related to wrong sensor placement.


  • Portable
  • 20h work from a battery
  • LCD Color zoning
  • Datalogger
  • Setup time and alarms from PC
  • Sensair S8 CO2 sensor


  • Incorrect temperature measurements
  • No time and date on the screen
  • 30 sec warmup time

PC Software

Price: 90$

See wiki for device internals.

Software Download

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