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uHoo – most advanced air quality monitor, at least if consider a number of sensors.

uHoo – most advanced air quality monitor, at least if consider a number of sensors. Including advanced sensor like CO, CO2, PM2.5, VOC, O3, NO2. And also traditional like temperature, humidity, and air pressure.  Measurements look accurate enough.

uHoo and iPhone

The device does not have any local indicators. Not a single color LED to show air quality status. The only way it communicates with the world is Wi-Fi and mobile application. The application (v 3.8) or backend infrastructure that makes it work is unfortunately unstable. Also, an interface is poorly adapted to iPhone X.

uHoo is not portable due to many reasons like no local indication, no battery, need Wi-Fi (and new connection setup will take time).


  1. Number of sensors
  2. Device Quality and Accuracy
  3. Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile application


  1. iOS application is unstable
  2. No iPad application available
  3. The device is not portable
  4. Expensive

Mobile application

iOS/ iPhone X

uHoo trend

 uHoo unterface 2  uHoo unterface 1

see more screenshots on wiki

Android application

more or less same, but stable.

Compare uHoo with other air quality monitors

AirVisual have 2 advanced sensors: PM2.5 and CO2. Portable. Have a battery and large screen. The application is OK, version for iPad available.  269$

Awair have 3 advanced sensors: PM2.5, CO2, VOC. Not portable. No battery. An interesting local indication using LED bars that may just not work without Wi-Fi connection.  199$

Netatmo have only 1 advanced sensor: CO2. Sensor accuracy (humidity and CO2) not always perfect. It is not portable. No battery.  It has color LED for on-demand air quality display. It has external weather module(s). Stable and fast application, including iPad version. The application is iPhone X friendly, have smooth zoom on trends and good usability in general.  150$

Power consumption

AC/DC adaptor is 5v 2A and sticker on the device states 2A is required.

But measurement show it is not consumed, any single peak of consumption is not more than standard USB 0.5A

uHoo power consumption

Device inside is on wiki

Price: 299 USD + 30 USD

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