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iPhone 8

First look on iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 comparison shows that phones have more in common than differences.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 have same:

  • size and bumping camera
  • photos (camera) quality
  • accessories compatibility
  • accessories in the box
  • charging time
  • both need cases

iPhone 8

  • is heavier
  • 20-30% faster
  • support wireless charging
  • support USB PD 14.7v charging
  • have glass back
  • got screen auto white balance (True Tone)

iPhone 7 and iPhone 8

As usual a little bit faster than previous model. Little bit heavier. Same size. Compatible with existing accessories. iPhone 8 support charging with 14.7 volt (up to 80%, using Apple USB Type-C power adapter). But quick charge test shows more or less same charging time for both iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. Same need to use case because of bumping camera. Plus, another reason to use case with iPhone 8 is because of its glass back. It may be broken and it get dirty looks fast.  Minus one reason for the case is less slip grip of iPhone 8. The phone is no longer try to fell from a hand all the time. When using a phone in case it is hard to say if it is iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. Screen scratch protection is still not perfect. Couple of days in pocket with coins and/or second phone – visible scratches. Same USB 2.0 wired sync speed. Type-C to Lightning cable is also USB 2.0 sync speed. Phone does not have Apple wireless charger yet, but Samsung and other Qi charges work for iPhone 8.

There is no huge differences in photo quality. Low light example. iPhone 8 is left image.

night photo iPhone 8 iPhone 7

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8 performance comparison.

iphone 7 iPhone 8 %
3D Mark 1.3.1 Ice Storm unlm. 37680 63688 169%
sunspider 1.0.2 185 ms 151 ms 122%
Geekbench 4 single core 3530 4253 120%
Geekbench 4 multi core 5960 10155 170%
Passmark 1.1.0 9590 10309 107%
AnTuTu 5.2.0 160K 215K 134%


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