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Apple iPhone 8 charging time

Fast charge for iPhone 8 testing using different chargers

Charging iPhone using different chargers. Results time depends on charger a lot. Starting from long 4 hours charge using standard PC USB port with 5v 0.5A. Ending with 1h 40m using Apple 29W type-c charger with USB PD 14.7v 2A. Despite 29W charger is actually the best one it cost too much to use it as iPhone charger – 75$ (charger and cable). There is other option available for fast charge iPhone. Apple 12W iPad charger with 5.1v 2.4A. It is only ~20$. Same 1h 40m for 100% charge.

50% 80% 100%
PC Port USB 2.0 1:45:00 2:55:00 4:00:00
Apple 5W charger 0:52:00 1:25:00 2:20:00
Apple 12W charger (add  19$) 0:26:00 0:50:00 1:40:00
Apple 29W charger (add 49$ + 25$) 0:26:00 0:50:00 1:40:00

iPhone 8 charging time

Fast charging is actually happens only when battery is more or less empty. Charging from 80% to 100% may take same time that from 0% to 80%.

See charging current and voltage details on graphs below for all types of chargers

Charging with PC USB port
Charging iPhone using PC USB Port

Charging with iPhone (5W) charger
Charging iPhone using standart 5W charger

Charging with iPad (12W) charger
Charging iPhone using iPad 12W charger

Charging with type-c (29W) charger
Charging iPhone using Apple 29W charger

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I also have an iPhone 8. I know that this phone got old. I came to this blog because the battery of my phone is having some issues, so I had some questions about this here at this blog I got all know about Apple iPhone 8 charging time and I also saw many other ways to charge, thanks for sharing this information with us. I really liked it.

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