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iOttie wireless Qi with iPhone 8

Using iPhone 8 with iOttie Qi Wireless car charger.

iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Wireless

Use iOttie charger for about a month. I would say it is nice that there is no need to plug in cables any more. What is not that great is iPhone wireless charge speed. It is slow.

Too see what power it use charging iPhone I bring charger home and test it using Power-Z KM001.

First attempt: 4 and a half hours (iOS 11.1)
iottie wireless qi charge power graph

Second attempt: failed, stop charging after 2 hours at about 60%

Third attempt: 3 hours with external cooling (iOS 11.2)
iOttie Qi Wireless iPhone 8 charging power graph

It is looks like iPhone wireless charge slowing down due to overheating.

Power-Z KM001Power-Z KM001 USB Power Meter

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