Chargelab Power-Z KM001

Nice device to investigate charging issues. See how fast charge works. Investigate power consumption of different devices in different usage mode.

Power-Z KM001 USB Power Meter


It has PC Software that creates nice charging trends. That is what makes it different from most of USB Meters.

Power-Z PC application v0.0.6

Since site still not working and it is sometimes hard to find this application will put a copy in this post.

Software: Power-Z-Application-v0.0.6
Software: Power-Z-Application-v0.0.7

Software: Power-Z-1.2.4 (

Price ~70$

some measurement examples on wiki

6 Replies to “Chargelab Power-Z KM001”

  1. Do you have the new 0.0.7 version of the application?
    Do you have the new firmware for the device KM001?

    I couldn’t download it from the original site because I don’t have a Baido account.

    The new site for this device is not the “” anymore.

    The new site is:

  2. If you can download these files, please share with me too, because I couldn’t download them.

    Thank you!

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