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Charging iPhone X

Charging time, voltage and current trends for iPhone X using different Apple chargers

iPhone X got 1.5 times increased battery capacity in compare to iPhone 8 and now there is some difference appear in charging time using 12W and 29W Apple chargers. Also, standard USB port now charging more than 6 hours.

50% 80% 100%
PC Port USB 2.0 03:00:00 04:40:00 06:10:00
Apple 5W charger 01:25:00 02:05:00 03:25:00
Apple 12W charger 00:35:00 01:05:00 02:10:00
Apple 29W charger 00:30:00 00:55:00 01:55:00

iPhone X charging time

Charging with PC USB port

Charging with iPhone (5W) charger

Charging with iPad (12W) charger

Charging with type-c (29W) charger

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