Power-Z KM001C

Power-Z KM001C is USB Type-C tester from ChargerLAB. Nice and slim. With OLED display. With good PC Software. Have similar features to KM001 and same PC Software.

Power-Z KM001C

The main issue of Power-Z devices is no good English translation for both firmware and PC Software, But anyway it still a useful tool. And PC Software is actually best in class. It is also an issue with Software updates. No single site you can search for the latest version. Link from app bottom line direct you to baidu folder with the previous release. But at least firmware automatical update is working.

Power-Z KM001C Back
Power-Z KM001C USB PD
ChargeLAB Power-Z PC Application

Download Power-Z PC Software 1.3.2 (can be used for both KM001 and KM001C)

VirusTotal check: exe, zip

Price: ~45$ (AliExpress)

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