3mob, Kyivstar, MTS and others in portmone.com

To avoid extra transactional fee using VISA or MasterCard top-up of Ukrainian mobile operators (Kyivstar, MTS, 3mob) next direct link to Portmone and Wideup branded pages may be in use: 3Mob https://www.portmone.com.ua/r3/3mob/ Kyivstar https://pay.wideup.net/e-comm/kyivstar/ MTS https://www.portmone.com.ua/r3/mts/ Life https://www.portmone.com.ua/r3/lifev2/ Intertelecom (CDMA Ukraine) https://www.portmone.com.ua/r3/intertelecom/ Пополнение счета МТС, Киевстар, 3Моб, Life и Интертелеком без комиссий.

3G tender results

3G Spectrum Licenses Tender is over. All GSM providers got IMT-2000 UMTS frequencies. Start prices (millions of UAH) was: lot 1 lot 2 lot 3 Astelit 2702,5 2702,5 2702,5 Kyivstar 2705,0 2710,0 2700,0 MTS 2708,0 2715,0 2705,0 final prices (millions of UAH): Astelit 3355,4 Kyivstar 2705,0 2710,0 2700,0 MTS 3220,0 2715,0 Now licensed 3G bands looks like: […]