3G tender results

3G Spectrum Licenses Tender is over. All GSM providers got IMT-2000 UMTS frequencies. Start prices (millions of UAH) was: lot 1 lot 2 lot 3 Astelit 2702,5 2702,5 2702,5 Kyivstar 2705,0 2710,0 2700,0 MTS 2708,0 2715,0 2705,0 final prices (millions of UAH): Astelit 3355,4 Kyivstar 2705,0 2710,0 2700,0 MTS 3220,0 2715,0 Now licensed 3G bands looks like: […]

Intertelecom Rev.A (CDMA) with Sierra Wireless AirCard 802S hotspot

Usage of modern smartphones (i.e. iPhone 5) with GPRS/EDGE technology in year 2013 is that kind of sophisticated torture. EDGE is in use by Kyivstar from 24.10.2005. There is still no 3G or 4G frequencies licensed to major Ukrainian GSM operators (Kyivstar, MTS, Life). So to keep Kyivstar number and get fast internet outdoor some […]