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Intertelecom Rev.A (CDMA) with Sierra Wireless AirCard 802S hotspot

Usage of modern smartphones (i.e. iPhone 5) with GPRS/EDGE technology in year 2013 is that kind of sophisticated torture. EDGE is in use by Kyivstar from 24.10.2005. There is still no 3G or 4G frequencies licensed to major Ukrainian GSM operators (Kyivstar, MTS, Life). So to keep Kyivstar number and get fast internet outdoor some external solution needed. One of those solutions is CDMA 3G Wi-Fi hotspot. Those devices could be connected to Intertelecom, PeopleNet, CDMA Ukraine. For EVDO Rev.A it is theoretically DL:3.1/UP:1.8 Mbit/s. A lot of CDMA operator dealers in Ukraine selling Sprint OverdrivePro 3G/4G mobile hotspot (assuming that device was previously locked for Sprint network).

Power on, connect to 3G takes about 40-60 second.


    CDMA 850/1900 MHz (EV-DO Rev.A); WiMax
    Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz, 8 clients max)
    MicroSD (FAT/FAT32 Only, SMB shared),
    GPS, Color LCD 1.7″ (160×128 pixel)

Intertelecom speed (EV-DO Rev.A) in Kyiv vary depend on time and place
Usually Download: 0.5 – 1.5 Mbit/s, Upload: 0.2-0.3 Mbit/s

Most common result outside the buildings:
Intertelecom Rev.A speed

Where to buy (price approx. 50$):

To solve issue when hotspot cannot conect to Intertelecom set “Preffered 4G” in hotspot settings.


Double click to Power Button show some useful information like admin url, traffic since beginning of month, etc.
SW802S_work SW802S_stat

To set some preferences go to http://OverdrivePro/ (default Admin password is “password”)


See device manufacturer site:

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Can you please help me with solve one very difficult problem: I cannot find any document in English detailing the frequency allocation for CDMA 800 in Ukraine. I am interested to know exactly what channels and frequencies are allocated for each CDMA 800 operator (especially in Odessa, Chernivtsi and Zakarpatska regions). Can you please provide me some sort of information in this matter? (or at least a link to some official frequency allocation table). I have searched also in your language but Google translated words seem not to be relevant enough.

Thank you

Vlad T.
Bucharest, RO

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