iOS navigation apps for Kyiv

Overview of best iOS navigation software with traffic data availble for Kyiv.

Quick overview of GPS navigators with traffic information in Kyiv, Ukraine. November 2016. What is available:

  • iGo is based on here maps that is 1-2 years old. Traffic is more or less adequate, but loading of traffic is slow, and there are no traffic events. UI is old-school and slow, but nice. At least during driving. It is not free.


  • here good free up-to-date map with traffic, but without traffic events and without events reporting.


  • Google have 3D building but unable to show it during navigation. Good  map of traffic, but without events. No traffic events reporting.


  • Yandex  good traffic and a lot of user reported accidents, road works, etc. Without navigation in offline mode.


  • Waze have poor traffic map contain only reported data. Map is average quality, but may be edited by on site


  • Navmii ad when search and using menu, no traffic




  • Sygic  no traffic for Ukraine, traffic data not free.


  • Apple part of iOS, have no traffic in Kyiv, slow map update. Old street names, etc.


  • Visicom (that I usually try to test if possible) is not available at store at the moment.

Some summary about navigator with traffic feature (Apple as reference):

iGo Waze here Google Yandex Apple
Price 30$ free free free free free
Traffic price 10$/y free free free free free
Traffic in Kyiv yes some yes yes yes+ no
Offline map yes yes yes yes* yes* no
Offline Nav yes yes yes yes no no
Map quality *** ** *** *** *** ***
Map Updates * **** *** *** *** *
Reporting no all no places events error
Lanes yes no no no no no
3D buildings no no yes no* yes no

see more at wiki

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