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K6 Air Quality Detector

I was not expecting much ordering KKMOON K6 (and receiving actually OCRKJ K6). Which also known as CAFU K6. Because most of the portable air quality monitors I got before have at least one major issue with measurements (AiRead M3 – all measurements wrong, HT-501 – wrong temperature, AirRadio A6 – issues with CO2 measurement after outdoor use and wrong humidity measurements). AirVisual Node was the only exception that both portable and show correct numbers. But it just too big to put it in your pocket. So there was a long history of portable CO2 monitors with issues. And it was kind of a surprise that the device I bought for 83$ is both portable and displays more or less correct numbers.

OCRKJ K6 Air Quality Detector


  • 3000 mAh battery ( 10 hours of battery life)
  • additional sensors (VOC, PM2.5)
  • correct t, RH and CO2 measurements (not sure about other)
  • 16 different screens including trends
  • Active airflow with the relatively quiet fan
  • quality design and schematic inside (no glues, connectors, replaceable sensors)
  • good CO2 sensor inside – SenseAir S8 LP


  • some noise from the PM2.5 sensor fan
  • slow charging – 8 hours (in operation mode)
  • no connectivity (Bluetooth, wi-fi, USB mass storage) – nothing
  • no ambient light sensor
  • unconfigurable high CO2 limits (GOOD is up to 1000 ppm)

See device insides:

Price: ~100$ (sale price was 83$)

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