Devices USB Charging USB meter


WITRN C4 Pro. Yet another power meter. TYPE-C only. Voltages up to 48v supported, also up to 10A current. USB-PD standard is evolving and currently allows 240W charging, so power meters need to be upgraded too.

WITRN has different software for firmware updates and to explore curves. Both PC software and firmware are in active development.

Devices USB Charging USB meter


ChargeLab new product. USB power meter with up to PD 3.1 support

With higher voltage (50v) and current (6A)

The device is not PC Software compatible with KM001 KM001C. First versions of application was about 90% Chinese. With almost no English translation.

Power-Z Lab 2.0

(Update for 2022-04-05) But that is getting better. Version 1.2.8 is more usable with better English support

Power-Z Lab 2.0 v1.2.8

Despite the similar name, design is changed a lot since KM001C devices

Protocol MTK-PE is not detected by KM002C

Firmware 1.1.0 is unstable and has to be updated before using the device. Firmware update is possible for Power-Z Lab application.

To Download and apply new firmware Press “Chip button” on Update Firmware tab

Link to Dropbox from ChargeLab

Link to Google Drive from ChargeLab

USB meter

WITRN U2 USB Power meter

WEB-U2 or WITRN U2 is one of those advanced power meters with a big screen.

  • Both type-A and Type-C input/output.
  • Multiple display modes.
  • An external temperature sensor support.
  • The device has an auto screen rotation.
  • Fast charge protocols detection.
  • PC Software
power bank

Power banks with MTK-PE

Since USB 2.0 became a standard for charging port there are a couple of things happens. Devices got more and more battery capacity and that is why many fast charging protocols appear to overcome USB 2.0 default 2.5W (5v 0.5A). Those protocols were necessary to keep the same charging time with larger batteries. Some of those protocols were part of USB standard (like USB Battery Charging and USB Power Delivery) and some were not (like Apple 2.4A, Qualcomm QuickCharge, Mediatek PumpExpress+, and a lot of others).

Most chargers and power banks support only some of those fast charging protocols. So usually you will not get the fastest posible charging for all of your devices from the same source. For example power banks with Mediatek PumpExpress support is exceptionally rare devices. There are a number of power banks with Qualcomm Quick Charge or USB Power Delivery available, but not with Mediatek PE+. So below is three 10000 mAh power banks I found with MTK-PE support.

Power BankInput, WQCPE+PDotherprice
Tqka KA05820W QC2.03.01.1details14$
Unitechi UTI01PD20W QC2.$
rock space P6518W QC2.$

All fast charging protocols that can be detected by WITRN U2

Power bank/protocolTqka KA058Unitechi 01PDrock space P65
USB Power Delivery (18W)PD3.0PD 2.0
Apple 5v, 2.4A+++
Samsung 5v, 2.0A+++
USB Battery Charge 5v, 1.5A+++
VIVO Dual Flash 5v,9v,12v +++
QC2.0 5v,9v,12v+++
Samsung AFC, 9v+
Huawei FCP 5v,9v,12v+++
Huawei SCP
Mediatek PumpExpress+PE+1.1PE+2.0PE+2.0

Tqka KA058 Apple 5v 2.4A

USB meter

Power-Z KM001C

Power-Z KM001C is USB Type-C tester from ChargerLAB. Nice and slim. With OLED display. With good PC Software. Have similar features to KM001 and same PC Software.

Power-Z KM001C

The main issue of Power-Z devices is no good English translation for both firmware and PC Software, But anyway it still a useful tool. And PC Software is actually best in class. Software updates are available at dropbox folder. Firmware update available from PC Software.

Power-Z KM001C Back
power bank

Tqka Power Bank 10000 mAh

In the future fast charging might get some common ports and protocols. And it seems it will be type-c with USB Power Delivery in use in most cases. But for the moment it is several standards that provide more power than a standard USB port. Those standards are mostly not part of USB specification. And it is kind of unusual to have charger or power bank that support multiple fast charge protocols for different devices. That cause slower charging of some phones using charger or power bank designed for another. For example, at the moment most Qualcomm and Mediatek based Android smartphones have different fast charging standards. It took some time for me to find MTK-PE+QC3.0+Apple2.4 charger and power bank.

So the power bank is Tqka BA058

List of supported protocols

  1. Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 (QC2.0)
  2. Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 (QC3.0)
  3. Mediatek Pump Express 1.0 (MTK-PE)
  4. Mediatek Pump Express 2.0 (MTK-PE2.0)
  5. Huawei Fast Charge Protocol (FCP)
  6. Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging (AFC)
  7. USB Battery Charging 1.2 (BC2.1)
  8. Apple 2.4A
USB meter


Yet another USB Tester with PC/MAC connectivity. This time using Bluetooth.

PC Software

Application is old-shool and simple. It cannot resize to use full screen, cannot autodetect port to use, cannot show large graphs.

USB meter


Yet another USB Meter. AVHzY CT-2 (ChargerLAB POWER-Z KT001, Kotomi Premium).  It can both store curves offline or be used together with PC application.


PC Application

not as good as ChargerLAB Power-Z KM001 has. Poor visualization and export options. But at least it has English language interface. Support site available at AVHzY PC Application 1.79.0

USB meter

Chargelab Power-Z KM001

Nice device to investigate charging issues. See how fast charge works. Investigate power consumption of different devices in different usage mode.

Power-Z KM001 USB Power Meter

It has PC Software that creates nice charging trends. That is what makes it different from most of USB Meters.

Power-Z PC application v0.0.6