iPhone 7

iPhone 7

Now it is black again. Gold Black is best. Same Size as iPhone 6/6S. With improved antena section color design. Better camera that is shifted a bit to the phone edge.


New Home button. That is not actually button any more. Finger clicks work fine in general. Click in gloves or using nails do not work anymore. Fingerprint recognition speed and quality same at it was on iPhone 6S.


No more analog audio connector. Hmm. OK.

Stereo, waterresistant, faster, brighter.

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Meizu M3s

Meizu M3s is cheap and (relatively) low performance Android smartphone with expensive smartphones looks and features (like TouchID).


The phone looks more or less like iPhone 6(s).
Price is about 130$ for 16GB/2GB version in Ukraine.


iPhone 6(s) like design is in metal body (only central part, top and bottom are platic), one “home”button with fingerprint reader in it.


Similar to iPhone screws, speeker holes, usb port location. Sound quality is very average.


Not only M3s body is looks like iPhone but also FlymeOS trying to copy iOS way of lock screen, notifications, etc.

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Transcend JetFlash 710S

Yet another small and relatively fast USB Flash. Transcend JetFlash 710S (TS32GJF710S) 32 GB.
Test results are very different on different system and test versions.
CrystalDisk Mark 3
CrystalDisk Mark 5

Dell XPS 15

High-end relatively light-weight (2kg) notebook with 4K 15.6″ touchscreen. Dell XPS 15 9550. Device performance is good. Good Wi-Fi speed (important since Ethernet port is absent). Good CPU, SDD, Video performance.


There is a lot of good points about the device:

  • high performance
  • high resolution
  • tiny display borders
  • bright display colors
  • keyboard backlight
  • chasis materials
  • ~4h batery life (84Wh)

And some points that is not that good

  • glance display reflect light
  • touch screen cause fingerprints on display
  • tiny borders on touchscreen cause touches when change display angle
  • low HiDPI suport in Windows environment
  • lack of Ethernet port
  • Unavailability of dock accessories on Ukrainian market
  • Windows 10 HOME (that is not support virtualisation and bitlocker)
  • Long boot (15 seconds of BIOS POST)

Also there are McAfee Antivirus and additional DropBox space as a bonux for 1 year.

HiDPI compatibility

Windows, Windows applications, Java applications, sites, etc need may or may not be HiDPI aware. The issue with browsers is just about images that may (and one day will) be better for high resolution clients. The issue with OS and application are more painful. A lot of application just not usefull anymore on 15″ 4K display. OS trying too zoom Windows application to work with high DPI. For some it works, for some not.

FastStone Image Viewer on UHD display
FastStone Image Viewer 5.5 on 4K display

Java Application
Java applications are just tiny windows that is hard to work with.

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Top Speed UHS-I U3 microSD 32 GB

Best microSD cards, that may be found today at stores is UHS-I with sequental read/write speed about 80-90 MB/s. To achive this read/write speed cardreaders must support at least UHS-I standard and be connected using fast interface like USB 3.0 or better. Use of old readers will reduce speed to about 20 MB/s. Use of USB 2.0 with UHS-I reader gives about 40 MB/s

microSDHC_SanDisk_32GB microSDHC_Transcend_32GB microSDHC_Kingston_32GB
Price hotline.ua 24.04.2016 37.29$ 22.64$ 18.03$
Sequential (QD=Q32) (MB/s) R 96.20 MB/s
W: 88.60 MB/s
R: 94.02 MB/s
W: 85.66 MB/s
R: 92.27 MB/s
W: 81.81 MB/s
Random  4KB (QD=32) (MB/s) R 8.63 MB/s
W: 3.22 MB/s
R:  10.19 MB/s
W: 1.69 MB/s
R:  11.76 MB/s
W: 1.47 MB/s
Sequental (MB/s) R: 97.31 MB/s
W: 88.49 MB/s
R:  94.81 MB/s
W: 87.46 MB/s
R:  91.23 MB/s
W: 86.20 MB/s
Random 4KB (MB/s) R: 8.63 MB/s
W: 3.27 MB/s
R:  9.98 MB/s
W: 1.45 MB/s
R:  10.37 MB/s
W: 1.44 MB/s


SDSDQXP-032G-G46A Sandisk Extreme PRO MicroSDHC (633x) UHS-I U3

TS32GUSDU3 Transcend ULTIMATE microSDHC 32GB (633x) UHS-I U3

SDCA3/32GB Kingston MicroSDHC 32GB UHS-I U3


Transcend TS-RDF9


CrystalDiskMark 5.1.2 x64

Additional reading for topic:




USB 3.0 SD Cardreaders

Quick comparision of couple USB 3.0 cardreaders with UHS-I support.


Transcend 300x SDHC UHS-1 U1

Read speed
Sequential Read (QD=Q32) (MB/s) 92.26 88.71 93.56 94.11
Random Read 4KB (QD=32) (MB/s) 6.58 9.39 10.52 10.50
Sequental Read (MB/s) 93.54 93.54 94.17 94.37
Random Read 4KB (MB/s) 6.38 8.92 10.11 10.04
Write Speed
Sequential Write (QD=Q32) (MB/s) 35.05 38.22 37.89 38.25
Random Write 4KB (QD=32) (MB/s) 0.98 1.00 0.78 1.03
Sequental Write (MB/s) 34.81 37.95 37.54 37.33
Random Write 4KB (MB/s) 0.82 0.68 0.88 0.66

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