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olloclip Macro Pro

New iPhone7 and iPhone7 Macro lens set from olloclip. 7x, 14x, 21x. Compatible with both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7plus. Now with interchangeable lens.


Lens holder may also be used as an small tripod


Example macro photos

2 EUR Coin


iOS navigation apps for Kyiv

Quick overview of GPS navigators with traffic information in Kyiv, Ukraine. November 2016. What is available:

  • iGo is based on here maps that is 1-2 years old. Traffic is more or less adequate, but loading of traffic is slow, and there are no traffic events. UI is old-school and slow, but nice. At least during driving. It is not free.


  • here good free up-to-date map with traffic, but without traffic events and without events reporting.


  • Google have 3D building but unable to show it during navigation. Good  map of traffic, but without events. No traffic events reporting.


  • Yandex  good traffic and a lot of user reported accidents, road works, etc. Without navigation in offline mode.


  • Waze have poor traffic map contain only reported data. Map is average quality, but may be edited by on site


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iPhone 7

iPhone 7

Now it is black again. Gold Black is best. Same Size as iPhone 6/6S. With improved antena section color design. Better camera that is shifted a bit to the phone edge.


New Home button. That is not actually button any more. Finger clicks work fine in general. Click in gloves or using nails do not work anymore. Fingerprint recognition speed and quality same at it was on iPhone 6S.


No more analog audio connector. Hmm. OK.

Stereo, waterresistant, faster, brighter.

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Custom firmware for iReg-7570SHD

Custom firmware that makes possible to import videos from iReg-7570SHD (Ambarella a7la70 , OmniVision OV4689) to iPad using Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader

Lightning Camera SD cardreader


Be sure you understand the risk to brick you device and loose the warranty before proceed with that. See WIKI before continue. Always make firmware backup before flash new.


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iPhone 6S first impression

iPhone 6S looks absolutely like iPhone 6. Difference is in letter S an the phone back.

S letter on iPhone 6S

And color of camera lens. It seems like kind of optical filter added to 6S.

iPhone 6S with iPhone 6 cameras

Touch ID 2. Sensor looks outside exactly like previous model, but work about twice faster.
Apple Touch Id 2

Photo have better resolution (12MP). Video have better resolution (4K). SLO-MO have the same 240 fps at 720p.

New feature Live photo is quite interesting. In addition to photo iPhone store couple of seconds of video. Video is up to 15 fps, with 1440×1080 resolution. Can be imported on PC as a .mov file with same name as photo. Video MPEG4 AVC/1440×1080@Variable(upto15fps) Audio PCM/44/16/mono.

iPhone 6S live photo


3D Touch is also nice. It is actually an another dimension of the user interface. Interface of 6S now react on how hard you push. It may be simple context menu or preview/open depend on force of a touch.


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Kyivstar 3G in Kyiv

Kyivstar DC-HSPA+ 3G network launched in Ukraine.
Since today (2015-06-16) in Kyiv.

First speed tests looks good:

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Parkcity ELM-327WF + DashCommand (iPad)

I have discovered Onboard Diagnostic (ODBII) scanners as a new device class. It is tool for those who interested in some insight on usually hidden car parameters. Modern car have standard controller area network (CAN) and standard diagnostic interface (OBD), that allow to collect and analyze some car internal data with universal devices.


My set up was devices: Apple iPad Air + Parkcity ELM-327WF (~80$) and application DashCommand (10$). ELM-327WF using Wi-Fi to connect tablet or smartphone. There is also cheaper Bluetooth version OF ELM-327 exist, but it not work with Apple devices (due to Bluetooth limitation in iOS).


See application screenshots below:

GSM iphone

speedtest: 3G in Montenegro (Telenor)


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Philips Fidelio DS8800w firmware update

Just found that DS8800 may be updated with DS9800 firmware. Device has no check for models and also not check region codes. In my experiment I have updated DS8800W/10 with DS9800W/37 firmware

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iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5. Camera test.

Let’s see if new iPhone 5S camera is much better.

iphone 5S back

White balance of complex scene is much better due to two colored LED flash. So there is no more unnaturally yellow backgrounds on indoor shots with flash. See example below. Right is iPhone 5S, left is iPhone 5. Also note blue shadow behind the object. Two color LED flash has disadvantages.


An a everyday shots there is not much difference found. See example below. Upper image is iPhone 5S shot. Lower image is iPhone 5 shot.


Low light shots show some noticeable difference. See below. Upper image is iPhone 5S shot. Lower image is iPhone 5 shot.